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NOTE: ALL Course Applications are listed under “Event Details” for each C-RAD hosted course. Please click on the course / event you are interested and find the application link at the bottom of the details section.

ALL Course applicants MUST be affiliated and in good standing with an organization that utilizes K9 for search and rescue incidents. We will prioritize teams that are supported by their fielding organization to develop their skills as a search and rescue resource.

“It is important to understand that the dynamics of hosting training during an ongoing pandemic are ever changing and complex. Be on the look out for updated dates and information for training events this fall and winter here on the website.

Doug Lesch – C-RAD President 
C-RAD REQUIRES all event participants to either be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or provide proof of a negative test within 72 hours of the start of their events. Any participants exhibiting symptoms or having had a known exposure to a positive case should refrain from attending the event and follow area COVID-19 guidance.
We want to give back to the incredible Colorado communities that support us by hosting and participating in educational and outreach events. Our hope is that everyone who attends a C-RAD event walks away with a better understanding of the work we do, and feels inspired by our passion for avalanche rescue work.

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