C-RAD and Rescue Industry Course Schedule

Summer 2021 Update:

“As our communities start to open back up, and lives return closer to normal than during the peak of the pandemic, we are looking toward a more normal 2021-2022 season. Be on the look out for updated dates and information for training events this fall and winter here on the website. 

Doug Lesch – C-RAD President 

C-RAD provides training opportunities and deployment resources throughout the state of Colorado during all stages of avalanche search and rescue. We test and validate aspiring dogs and handlers to ensure the highest standards for avalanche deployment are met.

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In addition to their full-time jobs, C-RAD rescue teams train for several hours each week so they can remain relevant as a key rescue service to the Colorado community. This requires dedication as well as funding, and we strive to deliver accessible and affordable training opportunities for all our members.

Consider donating $20 today to help provide an hour of training for one of our teams:

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