C-RAD and Affiliated Organization Rescue Courses

NOTE: ALL C-RAD Course Applications are listed under “Event Details” for each C-RAD specific course. Please click on the course in the calendar below and find the application link at the bottom of the details section.

ALL applicants MUST be affiliated and in good standing with an organization that utilizes K9 for search and rescue incidents. We will prioritize teams that are supported by their fielding organization to develop their skills as a search and rescue resource.

C-RAD provides training opportunities and deployment resources throughout the state of Colorado during all stages of avalanche search and rescue. We test and validate aspiring membership dogs and handlers to ensure the highest standards for avalanche deployment are met.

C-RAD Courses Calendar

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C-RAD Partners with Industry Leading Organizations who provide amazing Professional Rescuer Courses. Click on their logo below to see more information about their course offerings and a link to their websites.

In addition to their full-time jobs, C-RAD rescue teams train for several hours each week so they can remain relevant as a key rescue service to the Colorado community. This requires dedication as well as funding, and we strive to deliver accessible and affordable training opportunities for all our members.

Consider donating $20 today to help provide an hour of training for one of our teams: